(a personal note from the blog’s author)

Hello world!

Before starting this blog I had spent a few weeks thinking about what I wanted to post about and which way to go. A few days ago, I’ve received this casual shot from someone very dear to me along with an update from the other end of the swamp. This frame belongs to the storyboard my ongoing quest. Just like creating this blog, it’s all about a personal pursuit. If I had all the answers I would probably not be writing this now. However this blog is not a private one, just the reasons behind it are.

While I was still questioning myself about why did I wanted to start this blog (which didn’t call for a promising start), I was convinced that the picture below was the chosen one and must go with on first post. Sometimes it is not about where you are going but about the way. 

A view with a prize

As I stared at the picture with streaming memories running through mind,  I suddenly became aware of the hidden shadow. The owl was obviously not the subject of the picture, but once revealed to me, his magnificent figure helped me find some of my answers. The ancient Greeks attributed the owl to Athena, goddess of learning, wisdom and foresight. I wanted to believe that my exhilarating discovery was a good omen.

The debate could go on forever on whether or not everything happens for a reason. Alas, this thought is futile.  I ‘ve read that Oscar Wilde once said: “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it“. So drop it there.


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