30.4368499 days | Time

Buck 2-10 has survived its first 30.4368499 days of existence.  In other words: a month. (sorry, but it is important to me!)

Buck 2-10 surpassed the critical mark last Wednesday and since its birth has achieved 1.100+ visits and is now followed daily by 30+ readers through different social media apps.  I don’t know about you, but this feels like a great accomplishment to me.

This is my special  celebration postcard and my way to say: Thank You!

As any other blogger, It has always been my wish for Buck 2-10 to be an engaging experience. Hence,  I would like to send out my Special Thanks to those who walked the extra mile and participated, commenting on the posts and/or rating them.

Here is a little pearl, a beautiful piece of sound art  I found to celebrate all this time together.

The clock ticks; the moon waxes; the autumn leaves turn crimson. Time is as ubiquitous as it is elusive. Guided by science and science fiction, All In Time traverses the timeless mystery of time itself.
This 25-minute work won the 2011 Luc Ferrari International Broadcast Arts Competition and was commissioned by La Muse En Circuit – Centre National de Création Musicale, with the support of Radio Suisse Romande – Espace 2, Deutschlandradio Kultur, RTBF Musiq 3, Groupe de Recherches Musicales, and Radio-France – France Culture.creditsfrom All In Time, track released 19 March 2011
Produced by Sarah Boothroyd. Special thanks to physics maven Peter Watson; to antique clock collector Georges Royer; to Morgantj and Dokashiteru for providing Creative Commons samples; and to Himan and Melina Brown for permitting the use of CBS Radio Mystery Theatre clips.Copyright: Sarah Boothroyd, 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Thank y’all for your Time! I hope you’re having a Time!

(beautiful) Thumbnail image credit: Paulo Martel. (Click to enlarge)



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