Great Balls of Fire | Solar Activity Update

Latest GOES Solar X-ray Image Image

From JGLG, our correspondent in Barcelona, Spain /  Europe.

The strongest solar burst recorded since 2003 took place last  Tuesday, Jan 19.  The huge solar mass ejection reached earth on Sunday with no reports of damages in satellites or infrastructure on the ground.

A geomagnetic storm caused by Monday’s M9-class solar flare and Tuesday’s CME impact is over. The aurora watch is cancelled for all but higher latitudes around the Arctic Circle.

was reported on

Since then a large number of astronomers and sky-watchers have been recording a large number of auroras  while still monitoring the solar activity. All around the globe engineers on the ground are also keeping a close eye of power grids and telecommunication systems out causing. Space agencies and other governmental departments are also on alert.

NOAA updated 2012 January 25, at 19:22 UTC reports a subsiding storm and low solar activity during  the period 25-27 January, with the following Geophisical Activity Foreast:

The geomagnetic field is expected to be at unsettled to minor storm levels, with isolated major storm intervals, on day one (25 January) as effects from the arrival of the 23 January CME persist. By day two (26 January), the field is expected to be at mostly quiet levels as CME effects wane. Quiet to unsettled levels, with isolated active periods, are expected on day three (27 January) due to a recurrent coronal hole high speed stream rotating into a geoeffective position. The greater than 10 MeV proton flux event is expected to remain above threshold through 26 January, falling to background levels by 27 January.

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