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The Strait of Hormuz · NASA/AP

Al Jazeera channel’s original willingness to broadcast dissenting views triggered controversies in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The regional news channel network has, since then, been prized with a considerable increase of viewers in Europe and the US recognizing the network’s  contribution to independent journalism .

Al Jazeera on Wikipedia:

“In the 2000s, the network was praised by the Index on Censorship for circumventing censorship and contributing to the free exchange of information in the Arab world, and by the Webby Awards, who nominated it as one of the five best news web sites, along withBBC NewsNational Geographic and The Smoking Gun. It was also voted by readers as the fifth most influential global brand behind Apple Computer,GoogleIkea and Starbucks. In 2011 noted Al Jazeera’s coverage of the 2011 Egyptian protests as superior to that of the American news media, while U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also opined that that network’s news coverage was more informative, and less opinion-driven than American journalism.”

Originally intended to present only the featured title clipping , I’ve extended this post with two other three links which to offer an insight into the latest events in the Middle East from a regional perspective.

Al Jazeera | In Depth | Features

D. Parvaz  13 Jan 2012

Iran: Paranoid or under siege?

What is motivating Iran’s tough talk of enriching uranium and shutting down a major global oil chokepoint?

With tighter sanctions, talk of Iran shutting down the Strait of Hormuz and the assassination of yet another nuclear scientist in Iran, tensions are building on multiple fronts as a coalition of countries tries to stop Iran’s nuclear programme.

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Al Jazeera | In Depth | Features

D. Parvaz  23 Nov 2011

Iran: Willing to use oil as a political tool

Pushed by endless sanctions and talk of war, Iran hints at playing hardball on the global oil market.

It’s been a wild couple of weeks worth of speculation regarding Iran’s nuclear programme – how advanced it might be, how certain the International Atomic Agency should be of its weaponised nature, and what, if anything, can or ought to be done about halting it.

So far, two options have been discussed: More sanctions (which have been done for 30 years) and war.

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To complement this information, check this interactive map from Al Jazeera website.

Interactive: Mapping Iran’s nuclear sites




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