Metropolitan Museum Completes American Wing Renovation –

Cuts on the federal budget are affecting funding for arts and humanities endowment. With the President’s Budget Proposal for the Fiscal Year 2012  still to be approved, the Obama Administration continues to battle off the more drastic cuts called by Republican politicians  in Washington DC.  Some education programs stay at risk and some even total elimination, and the last figure of the federal budget cut could total 10% to 12% reduction from previous year for the various organizations depending on it.

With similar budget cuts on the other side of the Atlantic, European institutions would be suffering bigger struggles. US institutions have proved to be more efficient over the years by seeking sponsorship and developing institutional collaborations with private entities to raise their funds and balance their budgets.

Considering the times, it seems like an exceptional moment to be hearing about a $100 million project of renovation of a museum today (even its a partial one). A good day for such an iconic institution. A good day for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  A good day for Culture.


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Sequences of fish-eye-lens images create equirectangular panoramas of the new galleries for painting, sculpture and decorative arts at the Met’s American Wing, opening on Jan. 16. -- Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Art & Design

Grand Galleries for National Treasures

Published: January 5, 2012

IN 1924, when the Metropolitan Museum of Art opened its American Wing, the Met’s president, Robert W. de Forest, cautiously toasted the state of what he called “American domestic art.” “Perhaps, at the moment, it has more acclaim than future generations would think it ought to have had,” he said. “It has filled the antiquity shops, it has crowded the auction rooms, it is vogue.”

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