Hey Girls! I Know You Like Shoes.

Hey Girls! I  know you like shoes. (of course guys likes shoes too. But most  prefer to watch what’s going on in YOURS)

Torero | Christian Louboutin Spring 2012 Collection

So, brush yourself off and remove the last traces of the past holidays off your hair and get yourself back into real combat mode.  It’s a brand new 365 and time to start thinking about what are you going to wear this year. Time to get ready for the upcoming Fashion week that will present the latest collections with renewed inspiration and uplifting emotions.  To open up you appetite for next thrills, watch Bill Cunningham’s and enjoy a quivering sensory experience that will delight your eyes and wake up your senses.

I am sure you’ll find a pair that you love…


Click on Bill Cunningham’s picture to watch his TIMESCAST

On the Street with Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham | Flirty



  1. Britt

    Great post! You brightened up my day!
    I think I am going to indulge myself today. What a lovely idea.

  2. Britt

    Great Post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ingrid

    You have really got me on my pet fetish… I looooove shoes… thanks for the link!

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